Teryn Thistlecock

A flashy, fearless mouse who needs to learn patience.


Belief: Carpe Caseum!

Instinct: When he can get away with it: Use Hyperbole!

Will: 2
Health 6
Mouse Nature: 3

Resources 2
Circle 2

Home: Copperwood
Sk: Haggler, tr: Independent

Parents: Llywelyn (harvester)
Darla (cartographer)

Senior Artisan: Bertram the Harvester.

Mentor: Torven Wheatstock

Friend: June, runs the June Alley Inn in Barkstone. First one to be kind to a new Tenderpaw. Stopped him from having a fight with:

Enemy: Osgood, patrol leader from Lockhaven. Sees Teryn as an irresponsible upstart and liar.

Fighter 2, Scout 3, Pathfinder 1, Survivalist 1, Hunter 1, Harvester 2, Haggler 1, Cartographer 1, Orator 1
Tale-wise 1

traits: Independent, Bold, Natural Bearings.


Teryn Thistlecock is a newly initiated guardmouse. He is an able scout and runner, but whether some of his more outlandish tall tales of daring and luck need to be trusted remains unclear at this point.

Age: 17
Fur: Gray

Teryn Thistlecock

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