A World in a Grain of Sand

To Deliver the mail!
Too easy a quest for Guardsmen?


Twain Russlegrass has ordered the patrol to set out from Lockhaven with a large bag of mail. They must deliver portions of it to Elmoss, Sprucetuck, Dorigift and, finally, Gilpledge. These territories are covered with patches of snow, pools or melt water, and stretches of mud. Therefore the delivery will prove difficult. Who will you meet in town, who might be able to help? Is everyone so fond of the Guard or do people resent you as well? Find out in this new adventure of Mouse Guard!



Elmoss is a mouse town found in the western reaches of the Mouse Territories, within a copse of elm trees. Built inside the Territories’ largest elm, Elmoss is aptly named for the moss that grows on the tree’s trunk, which is renowned for its healing properties.

The mice of Elmoss harvest and deliver most of the moss to Sprucetuck, which may be helpful for the mouse on patrol, but trade some of it as a raw commodity. The wood collected from the surrounding elms is also a prized item as it is both water resistant and incredibly strong. A medium sized town, Elmoss is home to trades dealing with carpentry and woodcrafts. Family governors rule as lords of the settlement’s trades, though the system’s complexity is outdated and burdensome on the population. Though once a hub of food trade, its importance declined after the fall of Walnutpeck, Ferndale, and Woodruff’s Grove, during the Winter War of 1149.

Elmoss has a prominent history in harvesting, mainly with wild carrots and tubers. Some crops, such as oats, are planted and cultivated, though many are collected wild. Elmoss imports metal goods, paper, and medicine and generally exports finished wood products and its moss. Family rulers govern over lords of trades Wood, Moss and Harvest. The system’s complexity is outdated and burdensome on the population.


Sprucetuck is a mouse settlement located next to the south-western border of the Mouse Territories. The town itself is built inside the trunk of a tall, old spruce tree. The hollow trunk provides stories of living quarters, apothecaries, brewaries, and libraries.

Long known as being the elegant home of mouse science, the village also has laborers who harvest sap, tend fire, and haul wood, water, and supplies. The concoction used to deter predators from the Scent Border was invented by Sprucetuck’s scientists.

Sprucetuck is managed by a governor with a lifelong term. The governor names his successor upon stepping down from the office. Monetarily, Sprucetuck uses a coin shared by Elmoss, Copperwood and Walnutpeck – obviously prior to the latter’s fall. Sprucetuck’s citizens are leery of coin from too far away, as few of them travel and they have little use for “foreign” coins. Sprucetuck imports almost all grain and food and, in turn, exports medicines, elixirs, and poisons.

Some notable unique features of Sprucetuck;

Science and medicine – Mice of Sprucetuck pursue the sciences of medicine, harvest, pest control, and metallurgy. The sap from the spruce is the key ingredient in Sprucetuck’s own “Spruce Brew Elixir” – a special type of medicine made only by the science mice of Sprucetuck.

Hot stones – During the cold seasons, Sprucetuck has a single fire burning in its underground level. Stones are placed in the flame and then carried up to the mouse dens to radiate heat. This ensures that there is minimal open flame in Sprucetuck.

Lifts – The central hollow shaft of Sprucetuck is a bustling network of counterweight driven lifts. Floors, ropes, and weights are all given numbers to help the operators use the correct combination for mice to get to their proper destinations.

Glaziers – Glass is one of the marvels of Sprucetuck’s science, and since its invention they have perfected the recipe for larger and more durable sheets. In addition to the glass itself, the village is also known for its mathematically based geometric window designs.

Harvesting sap from the spruce trees in the area, the sciencemice of Sprucetuck brew various beers and elixirs. They infuse them with many natural remedies. In the winter, the mice stay warm by utilizing hot stones they place on a central fire and carry to their apartment dens. There are a few laborer jobs at Sprucetuck, including sap harvesting, central fire tending and hot rock delivery, but most of the work done here involves more thought. Mouse science is focused on mouse health, crop health, pest control, some
metallurgy and the study of the heavens.

Dorigift feather_knighting_print.jpg

Dorigift is a very small village right in between Sprucetuck and Gilpledge. The inhabitants used to be very secretive about their village, claiming it as sacred ground for the mice, but the younglings nowadays are sick and tired of the old way and are putting Dorigift on the map again. They are a pure trading town since their soil produces no raw material and has no abundance of seeds and/or fecundity. The only one true talent they possess in Dorigift is pottery. The pots and pans from Dorigift are known throughout the land for their crafty handwork and beautiful embroidery. It is said that all the rulers of cities have at least 1 set of Dorigift pots in their kitchen. Lately, though, it has been said that there is a growing illness in Dorigift….travellers beware!

Dorigift was named after the settler Dorice who, with her husband, founded Appleloft, Dorigift and Gilpledge.


Gilpledge is named for the settler Gilburt who, with his wife, founded Appleloft, Dorigift and
Gilpledge. The small settlement has some mills due to its vicinity of a small river. They import the grains mostly from Lockhaven and mill and bake it on site. Due to their small-scale industry, their ‘government’ cannot risk losing any mice or transport. Hence they have very strict laws on curfews, taxes, and rationing. The Gilpledgers (as they are called) feel they are blessed with every visit of the Guard. They value safety and balance very highly in their society and you should all feel a warm, hearty, and tasty welcome in this town! Unfortunately, the town is surrounded by muddy areas due to the riverbanks becoming unsteady around winter. And the sun has not been around for long enough to make them dry.


Twain Russlegrass


Patriarch of the Mouse Guard. Twain’s patrol years were short before he was soon needed to rise to leadership. His predecessor died very suddenly and Twain became one of the youngest Mouse Guard patriarchs known in recorded history. He had inducted many of the mice serving in the Fall and Winter of 1152.

The weight of leadership fell hard on his shoulders in 1149 when the threat of a Weasel Warlord led the mice into an all out war. He hopes to one day have an heir who can take over his reigns. He is the one sending you on this mission. The mission may seem easy for these well-trained Guards so perhaps he is looking for something more than just 3 new mailmen?

Teryn Thistlecock – To be added


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